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Is Your Tow Truck Running at Its Full Potential?

As a tow truck driver, you know that a truck that runs well “most” of the time isn’t good enough. You need a fully-functional vehicle that you can depend on in case of emergency.

Trucks being worked on at the TC Wrecker mechanic shop

Get Your Tow Truck Back in Action

If your truck is looking a little worse for wear, Twin Cities Wrecker Sales can help. We offer detailed tow truck maintenance Minneapolis, Minnesota, from quick hose replacements to intensive mechanic services. Message us online or come visit to learn more.

From our award-winning refurbishing services to our full-service recovery support, we’re here to bring out your truck’s full potential. Learn more by exploring the Twin Cities Wrecker Sales website.


Custom work for your tow truck or business

Tow Truck Supplies

Replacement parts for your truck

Trusted Tow Truck Repair Minneapolis, Minnesota

Customers near and far are raving about our tow truck repair services. Read a few of our recent reviews:

“[Twin Cities Wrecker Sales] will go the extra mile to make sure you have everything you need before you leave.” – David J.

“Friendly staff and very helpful.” – Wayne G.

“Great place to take my fleet of trucks for repairs.” – Randy G.